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Add to Basket. Add to Wishlist. New essays examining the complex period of rich artistic ferment that was German literary Expressionism. CHOICE Both useful and thought-provoking, this book admirably fulfils the two functions expected from a companion-type volume: to introduce the reader to the range and development of the literature itself and to point to authors, works, and critical perspectives heretofore overlooked.

Donahue Camden House. Hoyer Camden House.


A Poet's Reich Camden House. A Study of the Major Novellas of E.

Amazons and Apprentices Katherine R. Goodman Camden House. Anxious Journeys Camden House. Eisman Camden House. White, Ann White Camden House. White Camden House.


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Bibliographia Kleschiana Camden House. Gezen Camden House. Catastrophe and Catharsis Camden House. Commodities of Desire Camden House. Goebel Camden House. Kurth-Voigt Camden House. Crosscurrents Camden House. Deconstructing East Germany David W. Robinson Camden House. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit Camden House.

Distant Readings Camden House. Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle Hilda M. Brown Camden House. Early and Miscellaneous Letters of J.

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Arnason, David Roberts Camden House. Enlightened War Camden House. Kerry Camden House. Bower Camden House. Stephenson Camden House. German Memory Contests Camden House.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari German Expressionism | GradeSaver

Ghetto Writing Camden House. Goethe in East Germany, Daniel J. Farrelly Camden House. Curran Camden House. Goethe's Ghosts Camden House. Heights of Reflection Camden House. Heimat Peter Blickle Camden House. Heinrich von Kleist and Modernity Camden House. Huff Camden House.

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Herder Yearbook Vol. Housebound Monika Shafi Camden House. Pizer Camden House. Inscription and Rebellion Sonja E. Klocke Camden House. Interwar Vienna Camden House. Heizer Camden House.

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Mitchell Camden House. Johann Gottfried Herder Camden House. Kafka after Kafka Camden House. Life's Golden Tree Camden House. Evelein Camden House. Potter Camden House. Schweitzer Camden House. Metamimesis Mattias Pirholt Camden House. Mimetic Desire Camden House. Music and German Literature Camden House. Hargraves Camden House. My Shadow in Dachau Camden House. Nature's Hidden Terror Robert H. Nietzsche and Antiquity Camden House.

Nuremberg Stephen Brockmann Camden House. Orienting the Self Debra N. Prager Camden House. Doerksen Camden House. Porter Aichele Camden House. Russell Camden House. Kurtz n. The chiaroscuro lighting device is most commonly seen after the German Expressionist movement in the film noir genre, the films of which use the style or lighting to complement the mystery and intrigue of thriller and detective based storylines. Many of the noir films used techniques popular in German Expressionist films however, to give one example in particular, The Third Man Reed, Set in a post-war Vienna, it bears similarity to the background for the German Expressionist movement, with a feeling of confusion and displacement in society.

The use of distorted camera angles and expressionist lighting, similar to films such as The Cabinet of Dr.

Expressionism Essay

Caligari, capture the feelings of distress felt by the characters, in turn a representation of society. In one scene, Harry Lime, played by Orson Welles, is hidden in the shadows. His character is one that is morally ambiguous, and the use of shadow to hide him is similar to that of how it is used to represent negative characters, such as Cesare in The Cabinet of Dr. Other examples of films that fall into the noir genre are Double Indemnity Wilder, and Mildred Pierce Curtiz, , both of which use the chiaroscuro style of lighting.

Throughout this exploration of the movement, it can be seen that the techniques used by filmmakers at the time had a large impact on many films made subsequently, right up until the present day, such as the aforementioned The Third Man and the film noir genre, and the work of Tim Burton.

Although the progression of technology, first sound, and then colour, means that the way these films appear are different in many ways to German Expressionist films, aspects of the movement can definitely be seen in contemporary filmmaking techniques, showing that despite the movement only being at its peak for around a decade, the films and the techniques used within them have left a lasting impression on cinema. Bibliography Burton, T. Batman Returns. Burton, T.

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